How to setup ExternalCronJobs agent on Vagrant

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Setting up ExternalCronJobs using Vagrant is really easy. Once you’re done with the purchase of download subscription, you will have access to settings section in the left menu.

First, add Database Connection details by clicking on Database Connection link under settings which will open the below screen.

Once you save information, the system will create required database tables and notify you by notification on the top.

You’re now done with the database part. Now click on the “Agent Credentials” link in the left menu under settings and note down your App Key.

Now, download ExternalCronJobs agent by clicking on “Download Agent” link in the left menu under settings.

Extract agent and name that folder “dist” and put in the directory where Vagrantfile has been placed

“dist” directory should contain agent code, so it should look like below

Rename to and put required credentials i.e your database details, SMTP details and app key you noted above.

$> mv

Below is the sample configuration of

class config:
    user_agent = 'ExternalCronJobs/1.0 ('

    # Database credentials
    database_host = ''
    database_username = 'ecjuser'
    database_password = 'ecjpassword'
    database_name = 'ecjdb'
    database_port = 3306

    # Redis credentials
    redis_host = 'localhost'
    redis_port = 6379
    redis_password = None

    app_key = 'Rpuu0kaVEzA0QsoD7YIMQSVeSNXtJGDD'

    # email settings
    smtp_host = ""
    smtp_port = 587
    smtp_email = ''
    smtp_password = 'mysecretpassword'

    deny_shell = False

give required permissions to logs directory, i.e. 757

$> chmod -R 757 logs

Now run the vagrant machine.

$> vagrant up

You should now be all set.

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